Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 21 May 2022 11:02:08 +0530 en-us Foundation Bolts Mon, 17 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Foundation Bolts, Templates, Packing Plates, special grade hardwares   Plutontek is supplying all types of foundation bolts to industry with shortest lead time possible.   You can rely on us for all your customized requirements of : Plate type foundation Bolts J type foundation Bolts L type foundation Bolts Chimney foundation Bolts Packing Plates / Shim Plates Templates for fixing foundation bolts during casting   "For executing all these jobs, we are fully equipped with all necessary man & machineries like Experienced Turners Laser Cutting machine Thread rolling Machine (Flat and cylindrical) Drilling Machine Grinding Machine Surface Finish equipments Carburising (up to 2mm case depth), Carbonitriding (for shallow case depth), Normalizing, Solution Annealing and Surface Finishing by shot blasting method Blasting & painting facility, Yellow passivation facility Perfectly levelled space with concrete flooring for accuracy in job and easiness in working" Cyclone Dust Collector Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Single cyclone, Multi cyclone dust collector   You can rely on us for all your customized requirements of cyclone Separators "Plutontek supplies Cyclone Dust collectors, in variants such as Single Cyclone as well as Multy Cyclone. Plutontek Cyclone duct collectors / Separators are the most efficient and cost-effective solution available for your pollution controlling requirements. Plutontek Cyclones are offered in capacities from 800 CFM to 40,000 CFM and can efficiently remove moderate to large sized particles from the air stream.  The centrifugal action of the Cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates the dust out through the bottom of the Cyclone and into a collection hopper.    All models can be housed indoors or outdoors" "We have different type of models for variety of applications to handle fine dust, explosive dust, high temperature dust, adhesive dust etc. in all industrial sectors. Finding the application usage in cement Plant, Steel Plant, Food Industries, Heat treatment plant, Pulp and Paper industries, Chemical plant , Foundries, pharmaceutical industries etc. With increasing gas volumes it is difficult to attain the desired dust collection efficiency in a single cyclone construction. Hence our range includes multi-cyclones with custom made sizes. We offer multi cyclone dust collectors like twin cyclone dust collectors, quad cyclone dust collectors & double quad cyclone dust collectors. Multi Cyclone dust collectors are also called as cyclone dust separators due to its ability to settle the bigger dust particles & allowing the lighter & smaller dust particles to get collected in bag houses or dust filters. Mostly light duty cyclones are used for collection of non-abrasive, granular or fibrous dusts and shaving compared to Heavy duty cyclones which are used for collecting chips or other materials in pieces."   Uses in Boilers Multicyclone Dust collection systems manufacturing efficiency ranges from 94% to 97% to suit Boilers of 5TPH To 55TPH Coal, Husk & Baggase Fire Boilers. Multi Cyclone dust collectors are mainly used to create a centrifugal force to separate dust from the polluted air stream. Duct & Tank Fabrication Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Ducting Fabrications, Tank Fabrication, Chimney Fabrications, Dryer Units   Ductwork and Tanks Today, we are one of the leading Duct fabricator and Tank Fabricator in Pune. We are specialized fabricator in Pune for rolled fabrication in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. You can rely on us for all your customized ductwork and tanks requirement:   Our capability for execution of rolled components fabrication which includes but not limited to: Industrial chimney fabrication Flue Gas ductwork Industrial ducting for cold air, hot air with insulation if required  Duct mitre Bends Combustion Air Piping Work Industrial Dryers fabrication Sheet Metal ductwork Exhaust duct fabrication Spiral Ductwork, Rectangular Ductwork Storage Tanks Quenching Tanks Lids Industrial piping work   "For executing all these jobs, we are fully equipped with all necessary machineries like Plate rolling machine with capacity of  2.5mtr x 20mm with 20 HP motor Duly calibrated welding machines Covered shed for blasting and painting Perfectly levelled space with concrete flooring for accuracy in job and easiness in working" Structural Fabrication Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Beams, Columns, Girders, Platform, Gratings, Railings,   Light, medium and Heavy Fabrication work Plutontek, is one of the leading fabricator in Pune, for supplying industrial structures, PEB structures, Plate fabrication with a capacity of around 75 MT per month We are specialized fabricator in Pune for light, medium and heavy fabrication work as per customer drawings and Bill of material, in Mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium   You can rely on us all your customized fabrication requirements : Our capability for execution of fabrication work which includes but not limited to : Industrial Shed Boiler Structural components ESP Structure Columns, Beams, Girders, Purlins Truss Platforms, Railings, Gratings Pre Engineered Building (PEB) with complete inhouse design Customized fabrication work as per customers requirement ESP Hopper, Bunkers, Panels Furnace, Recuperator Casing Furnace, Recuperator Casing Base Frames, Dampers,    "For executing all these jobs, we are fully equipped with all necessary man & machineries like Experienced Welders, fitters, quality inspectors and supervisors Duly calibrated welding machines ( CO2 welding, Arc Welding) Covered shed for blasting and painting perfectly levelled space with concrete flooring for accuracy in job and easiness in working Well built platforms for speeding the fabrication work" Cement Plant Spares Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Crusher plant spares, Cement Kiln Ball mill spares, Diverter, Flap valve, Cowl shell, Bearing Housing   Plutontek supplies all customized Cement Plant Spares, Power Plant Spares, Steel Plant Spares, Sugar Plant Spares & Pharma Industries Spares.   Our Key strength in supplying these spares is at Par prices compared to market with delivery commitment Fans & Blowers Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Axial flow Fan, Tube Axial Fan, Centrifugal Fan, Centrifugal Blower   "Plutontek, Designs & manufactures, Pollution Control Equipment's like Centrifugal Fan, Centrifugal Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Axial Fans, ID / FD Fans, Vane Axial Fans,  Plug Fans, Radial Blade Fan, etc.   Our supplied centrifugal fan and centrifugal blowers are used for the purpose of pneumatic conveying, high air volume applications and exhaust processes in diverse industrial applications such as steel plants, cement plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, sugar mills, waste water treatments, mines, process plants and others."   You can rely on us for all your customized requirements of : High Volume Limit Load Blowers (SISW) High Volume Limit Load Blowers (DIDW) Medium Pressure Blower (Backward curve blade/ Self cleaning blade/ Straight radial blade) Low Pressure Blower High Pressure Blower Induced Draft Fan (ID Fan) Forced Draft Fan (FD Fan) Axial Fan Plug Fan for Furnace   We can supply impellers in following MOC MS SS- 304 / SS-316 Aluminum Hardox Sail Hard   "Our supplied Fans and Centrifugal Blowers are Suitable for material handling, combustion and other various applications.  Efficiency Ranging From 70% to 80%.  2,50,0000 m3/hr.  Pressure 1500 mm WG Single Stage.  Precise determination of air-flow and required outlet pressure are most important factors in proper selection of fan type and size."   "Following test certificates are provided along with Blower Impeller Wheel Balancing Certificate. Operating characteristics Curve showing the blower performance at different values of static pressure. Blower noise level at operating point. Statically and Dynamically balance as per SO-G 6.3 Std specification ." Pneumatic Conveying System Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying system, Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system   Plutontek, Designs & Manufactures, pneumatic conveying systems as a tailor made product, to provide solutions for bulk material handling. Design of system depends on the product characteristics, particle size, capacity, number of inlet sources and number of outlet / destinations, etc. Each pneumatic conveying system needs to be designed & customized as per the application given. Prime mover for conveying the product can be Roots blower, Compressor, Centrifugal blower, Centrifugal fan or Radial blower, depending upon bulk density of the material to carry, Length of the system, flow rate required and pressure required at outlet. System can run on both negative / positive pressure, depending upon the situation. At Plutontek, we have to consider all the given parameters to design the system and has to offer the optimum solution to customer in order to achieve economies in intial cost as well as running cost   You can rely on us for all your customized requirements of : Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems / Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems  Combined Lean Phase and Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems    "Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system : The main principle of a dense phase conveying system is to slow down the velocity of the product in the pipe conveyor to a point that is below the speed at which the product breaks or degrades. At low velocities, the product lies for periods of time in the bottom of a horizontal line and it is blown under pressure to the discharge point in slugs or plugs. The dense phase pneumatic conveying systems uses low volume, medium pressure air stream and relies on a continuously expanding volume of air pushing cohesive slugs of material along the pipe. This system uses a transfer vessel / pump tank to feed the material into the conveying line. It is a batch system with plugs of material separated by cushions of air. The velocity range at the source can be as low as 200 fpm but rarely exceeds 2000 fpm. Dense phase technology reduces the air consumption to the absolute minimum by allowing the system to convey at maximum density. Dense phase conveying is mainly used for high capacity and long distance conveying."   "Lean Phase (Dilute Phase) Pneumatic Conveying system : The main principle of a Dilute Phase conveying system / Lean Phase Pneumatic conveying system is to use a relatively large amount of air to convey a relatively small amount of material and at lower pressures than dense phase systems. The material is transported at high velocities through the system while being suspended in air. It is often referred to as suspension flow because the particles are held in suspension in the air as they are blown or sucked through the pipeline. To keep the material in suspension, it is necessary to maintain a minimum conveying air velocity. There is virtually no limit to the range of materials that can be conveyed with dilute - phase system. Products commonly conveyed in dilute phase systems include cement, fly ash, fine particles, flour, resins, specialty chemicals, ground feeds, and granular and palletized products. A dilute phase system will generally be lowest in capital cost but slightly costlier with operating cost compared to Dense phase conveying system which is exactly vice versa. This system also can run on both positive (pressurised) / negitave (vacuum) technique. ance conveying."   "Combined Lean phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying system This system uses both  - Combination of Negative - Positive Pressure i.e. pull-push system which has the advantages and benefits of both negative and positive pressure arrangements in a single system. These systems are used where there are multiple material entry points, and multiple delivery points. A very common application is the unloading of a standard railcar. This system of conveying is given only on specific customer demands." Rotary Airlock Valves Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Blow Through, Drop Through, Side entry, Sanitary Valves   "Plutontek's Rotary Airlock Valves are specially dsigned and Manufactured considering accurate flow of material from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. Rotary airlock valve are primarily used for discharge of bulk solid material from hoppers, bins, receivers and cyclones  into a pressure or vacuum-driven pneumatic conveying system. Atmost care needs to be taken during manufacturing for attaining the best clearance between Rotor and Body.   We supply Rotary airlock valves in 4 types : Drop through Type Blow Through type Side Entry type Sanitary type"   At Plutontek, we have to consider all the given parameters to design the RAV and has to offer the optimum solution to customer in order to achieve economies in intial cost as well as running cost. Our supplied Airlock Valves are used in handling Pulverized Coal, Cement, Fly Ash, Flour, Lime, Ore, Soya Straw, Wooden Chips, Grains, Minerals, High Abrasive material, Pneumatic Conveying applications   "Areas of application may be anything out of below but limited to : Material Conveying systems. Pneumatic Conveying Systems. Air Pollution Systems,  In the dust filtration field good airlock is essential on cyclone and bag filter Dust suppression equipment. Feeding granular or fine material. Cement and abrasive material manufacturing industries.   Cement, Steel, Food, pharmaciticals, sugar, and fertilizer, Chemical, pulp and papers etc."   "We can supply Rotary airlock valves with different material of constructions (MOC) depending on application, pressure & temperature required, flow rate required, clearance required,etc as per below : Cast iron as per IS 210 Grade FG-260 MS fabricated as per IS 2062 SS-304 / SS-316S Ail hard Hardox- 500 "   We can supply Rotary Airlocks with following different combinations : Open End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve Closed End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve Fixed Blade - Rotary Airlock Valve Adjustable tip - Rotary Airlock Valve   Clearances between the rotor and housing are generally in the range of 0.10mm - 0.15mm for the standard valve. Tight clearances allow minimal air escape through the valve. This way product can be transferred between areas of differing pressure or vacuum.